My Mind of Late

My mind…..

oh boy

These past few months have been a doozy, with all of the holidays and such. Spinning and twirling. Finding Christ’s love in everything. Oh, how hard that is.

As I read, day by day, about how he wants us to live. Oh dear reader. I think, no…. I know, how he wants out life to be intertwinded in his.

So that he can hug us. Embrace us. and give us chills.


My Brother is a Piano Player and a Drummer

my brother is


So, I read something the other day on a day devotional that struck me as odd, but yet again, so true.
I have a brother…. But I’m an only child.
I have a sister……. But my mom only had me.

They aren’t literal blood siblings….. Well, we are in a sense.
Bought by the blood of Christ, every Boy and Girl who has excepted Christ as their ultimatum, Their Savior, Their Redeemer, is now my Brother and Sister.

Wow , I’m not alone anymore. Now, as I interact with other girls and boys….. Men and Women, my eyes light up and my heart soars. My bro…… My sissy…..

I love you all….. Ever so much